Extra curricular work


Music festival "Unity and brotherhood"
On February 26, 2020 at KazGASA was held the music festival "Unity and Brotherhood" dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan (APK). The event was attended by 1st and 2nd year students of KazGASA StANK (Student Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan of Kazakh Leading Academy of Architectural and Civil Engineering).
The festival was opened by the Presentation of the Chairman of KazGASA StANK Koshbayev Temirlan. He congratulated all guests and participants on the upcoming anniversary of the formation of the APK, noted the main goals and objectives of the Assembly, highlighted that the APK has a constitutional status and implements state national policy.
“The children of the Great Steppe Country with their mother’s milk absorbed the diversity of cultures, the values of representatives of various ethnic groups and faiths. This was taught to us by history and our ancestors. Ethnic diversity is not the weakness of our country, but its wealth.” These words of Elbasy are absolutely fair and always important, because the more countries will use the unique experience of interethnic consent of our country, the safer the world will be. The history of the Assembly is the history of our friendship and stability.
KazGASA StANK brings together representatives of 14 nations and nationalities, promotes the wide dissemination of knowledge about the history and culture of the peoples of Kazakhstan, introduces the traditions and identities of each ethnic group of Kazakhstan, helps to further strengthen among students a respectful attitude to the cultural traditions, language and values of all ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan.
At the evening sounded poems of Yermekov Yelzhan’s (gr.TDO-19-1*),  and Bashkirtseva Albina’s (gr.DG-19-6) own composition; songs in Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Uighur and other languages performed by Kirkabak Aydos, Serikov Madiyar, Yusupova Zarina, Usengali Bekarys, Sheryak Yekaterina, Kalimzhanov Yelaman, Meldebekov Alnur.
The dances of the peoples of Kazakhstan were presented: a foot-tapping lezghinka performed by a group of dancers led by Tatarov Amir, a Uighur dance by Kenes Akbota, a Kazakh dance performed by Ruslanova Aktolkyn and Yesmagambetova Aygerim, the festival ended with a common dance of Kara-jorga, which all participants of the event enjoyed playing.
Of particular interest was the defile of the Academy’s most beautiful girls in national costumes. Students with great pleasure showed their abilities and talents. And there are a lot of creative and artistic students at our academy. And the music festival is a vivid confirmation of this.
Anniversary tournament in  KazGASA
February 24, 2020
On February 24, 2020, in order to develop mass physical culture and sports, to strengthen the health of employees of KazGASA and to form a healthy lifestyle, the 20th anniversary sports contest was held among the staff of KazGASA and employees  under the general supervision of vice-rector for external relations and student affairs E. S. Ayanbayev and the dean of the Faculty of GED Zh. S. Takenova which was actively attended by the teams of the faculty of general construction, FCTIM, FD,FA,FOOD, College of KazGASA, Lyceum of KazGASA and employees of KazGASA.
The traditional sports contest was held in 6 sports: volleyball, draughts, table tennis, mantle, Darts, and basketball.
Opening the Games, the Vice-rector of the University congratulated the participants and wished them good luck and the will to win.
 The contest was an unforgettable event for each participant and gave a vivid impression. Everyone was very happy with their participation in the Games, and the winners and participants were awarded certificates and gifts.
At the end of the Games, the winners and runners-up in the team competition were the teams:
3 place – the team of FGC
2nd place-the College of  KazGASA
1st place – the staff of KazGASA
A place where they find love
      Thanksgiving day in Kazakhstan began to be celebrated in 2019. This holiday is celebrated on the 1st of March on the first day of spring. On this day, you can thank your friend, relative, girlfriend, teachers, parents. You can give a small gift and say beautiful words.
First-year students of the groups Arch-19 *, RPZS-19-1 * decided to meet and thank the parents of children with disabilities at ARDI (Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities). They wanted to get acquainted with the center, to see how things were, to find out what kind of help was needed. Students had a tour of the ARDI center. To be honest, it was quite hard. We admire the people who created this center and work there! We admire parents who take disabled children to this center, engaged with them and believe in success.
Students prepared a small gala concert and handed out small gifts..
The 1st of March is Thanksgiving Day
The 1st of March is Thanksgiving Day when Kazakhsani people show respect and gratefulness to each other. It is a holiday of unity and friendship. In Kazakhstan, it has become a tradition to celebrate this year annually.
Teachers of the Faculty of General Education organized and celebrated Thanksgiving day and held a grand event at the academic level in the Horde of Architects on the 1st of March. The concert programme continued with a lunch table for students.
As part of the event, the future architects sang, danced, and read poems of Kazakh and foreign songs. Performers such as Raizayev Aisultan, Baigalieva Ademi, Abrek Aruzhan, Muratova Ainur, Amantai Shayakhmet, Ibragimova Diana, Zhienbekova Ramina pleased the audience specially.
One of the main goals of the holiday is friendship, respect and tolerance, patriotic education, strengthening of interethnic consent and interethnic relations in Kazakhstan. It would not be superfluous to thank and thank each other one day of the year.