Special awards "scholarships"

Special awards "Scholarships"

A special award «Scholarships» (hereinafter - the scholarship is awarded to the most talented students, KazGASA students on a paid basis, but in different circumstances (family status, state of health, financial problems etc) who is not able to pay for the tuition.

A special scholarship may be awarded within:

students of graduate/undergraduate/College - not more than 15% of the total number of students on a fee basis to each faculty (specialty), of which: up to 3% can receive 100%of scholarship, up to 6% - 50% scholarship, up to 6% - 25% scholarship;

students of KazGASA Lyceum (grades 5-11), and also students of the part-time study - not more than 10% of the total enrollment, faculty (school), of which: up to 2% can receive 100%of scholarship, to 4% - a 50% scholarship and up to 4% - 25% scholarship.

«Scholarships» is awarded to students of Full-time study – for one academic semester; students of KazGASA Lyceum on the half-year students of part-time studies - one academic year.

For full-time students scholarship is granted to no more than 2 times in a row. For part-time students scholarship 2 times in a row is not available.

Mandatory and essential requirements for the award of 100% special awards are excellent progress by the results of the last examination session (rating not lower than «A-»); participation in training and research activities (reports on conferences, publications etc.) and public life of the University; promotion of the achievements of the University and maintaining of KazGASA’s high image deserved authority in students, teaching environment.

50%scholarship may be awarded according to the same criteria as 100% scholarship but only to students having following the results of the last examination session not more than one «B» assessment.

25%scholarship may be awarded according to the same criteria as 100% and 50% scholarship, but only to students having following the results of the last examination session not more than two «B» assessments.

100%, 50% or 25% scholarships may be awarded to advance students of the 1st course (years of study), Master/ bachelor/College full-time students, KazGASA Lyceum (5-11 grades) on the first academic semester (first half), who received the highest scores on results of uniform national, comprehensive or admission testing. Subject to confirmation of 100% scholarships to excellent results of the first exams («A» evaluation,« -»), 50% scholarship - achievers not more than one «B» mark and 25% scholarships for the academic progress of not more than two «B» assessments, a special scholarship for the past first academic semester is saved. Otherwise, the student is obliged to reimburse the full cost of tuition for the previous semester (half-year).

Applicants apply for the special grant award served on the name of the President of the application on a special form in the established Calendar control measures time with indication of the reasons of financial difficulties. Relevant documents should be mandatory attached to the application, the minimum list of documents is determined in a special form. For students of the part-time training the grounds for a special grant award, in addition to the criteria listed in paragraph 5 of this situation is unemployment (certificate confirmation from local social protection and employment authorities) or disability, long-term disability, etc.

The statements of students are considered by the competition Commission headed by the President of the IEC.

The tender Commission's decision shall come into force after signing of the awarding order by the IEC President.

Deans of faculties and Directors (College, KazGASA Lyceum) inform students within two days about the decision of the Tender Commission and students sign it.

Students who have not passed the competition for the special grant award, term is set out of eepayment for ten days after the meeting of Tender Commission.

Source for special grants funding are funds of IEC received as a result of financial and economic activity.