KAU provides training for specialists in higher and postgraduate education programs (bachelor's, master's, doctoral) in credit education technology.

Much attention is paid to the student-centered approach to teaching, based on the development of students' ability to express themselves and self-education through the free choice of academic disciplines and educational paths, while taking into account the system of organization of the educational process, the volume and quality of knowledge gained.

Academic programs include the future professions of our students, that is, educational programs through which teachers teach students knowledge and instill in them the necessary professional skills. Educational programs of KAU are a symbiosis of the American quality of education and the best traditions of Kazakhstan and Soviet education. KAU educational programs are aimed at students studying the best practices in their professions at the national and world levels.

At present, KAU has pronounced features of an innovative and creative university that determine its initial competitive advantages in the internal and external environment. According to academic policy, the principles of respecting the personality of a student, the status of a teacher, academic freedoms, tolerance, mutual respect, and transparency of the educational system dominate in KAU. In the academic programs of KAU, the principles of academic honesty and social responsibility to society are taken into account and promoted, since the commitment of the university and its partners to the principles of academic honesty and social responsibility in the educational, scientific, methodological, practical activities of the university is an integral element of a modern world-class university.