Registrar’s office

Recorder’s office is dealing with enrolment and graduation of specialists of all the grades and education stages, provides quality control of students preparation, and also organizing of initial, midterm and final examination of students’ knowledge, administration of statistics. Office fulfills its activity in accordance with Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On education», Rules on Institute activity organization, Regulations of IEC: enrollment, attestation and graduation of students, training process and practice, and other regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan in sphere of education.
Main activities of Register’s office:
  • Organization of Admission Committee work;
  • Quality control of students preparation;
  • organization and control of final examination;
  • organization and conducting of initial testing;
  • organization and conducting of graduation (control of state final certification for graduates, preparation and awarding of diplomas);
  • movement of training load;
  • maintaining of statistics and statistical reports.

Main functions of Register’s office
  • organization and conduction of special (fruitful) exams and systematic testing of prospective students;
  • organization and control of conducting of interviews with enrollees of IEC on short cut educational programs and on short-term education;
  • preparation of orders on enrollment, transferring, restoration of students;
  • organization of testing system in accordance with compulsory educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • collection of materials and composing of tests data base for conducting of initial testing and end-of-year exams according to approved schedule;
  • organization, conducting and summing up of students’ initial testing (except of fresh year), end-of-year exams;
  • preparation of offers on awarding and punishing of higher education teaching personnel according to the results of all control types;
  • keeping records of strict accounting forms (ID, diplomas, academic transcripts);
  • conducting of end-of-year exam for all the faculties. Transferring of examination results to associated dean’s offices for analyzing and day-to-day activity (advisors).

IEС Register
Sadykova Assel
Registrar reception
(office № 217)
Tel/Fax: +7(727)220-80-82
Registrar assistant
Abdillaeva Farida
Tel/Fax: +7(727) 309-77-33, 380-06-66
(office №214)
Phone numbers of specialists: +7(727)3936939