In 1992, on the basis of the Faculty of Architecture of the Kazakh Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the initiative of Yu.A. I. Bakhmutov, a new specialty was opened - "Design of the architectural environment." At the same time, the Department of Design was opened.

Almost immediately after independence, the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1992, the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering opened the specialty "Design" as the personification of the beginning of a new time, a new modern view of the organization of the subject-spatial environment of man. Over the past more than 20 years of the profession, a fairly long way has been traveled and valuable experience has been accumulated.

The creator of the design department, the initiator of the opening of the specialty and the first head of the department was Yuri Igorevich Bakhmutov - professor, candidate of architecture, vice president of the Union of Designers of Kazakhstan, who led the department from 1992 to 2000.

But the fruitful activity of Yu.I. Bakhmutov was interrupted by his early death in 2003..

During this period, the Department of Designers of Kazakhstan, headed by T. B. Suleimenov and the Almaty Center for Contemporary Art and its director V. V. Ibraeva, greatly assisted the department.

Initially, the training of designers took place in one direction "Design of the architectural environment". But already in 1993 - for the first time in the CIS - the specialization "Advertising Design" was opened. The development of two fairly independent areas of design gave the learning process originality. Conceptual, graphic activity and expressiveness of advertising influenced the approaches to the design of the architectural environment, especially in terms of graphic presentation and promotion of projects. At the same time, the classical methodology of architectural education, by this time well developed within the walls of KazGASA, the need for spatial and constructive adaptation of advertising objects in the architectural environment stimulated the study of its spatial-temporal perception and design-constructive approach.

The activities of the department firmly entered the practice of working on relevant, socially significant, real projects, active participation and victories in various competitions. Here are some of these works:


- Development of a concept for the transformation of the architectural environment of the city of Turkestan, dedicated to the 1500 anniversary of the city. The experience of a single conceptual theme for graduation projects was introduced for the first time. Each thesis covered a specific narrowly focused part of the topic, and in total they amounted to a completed comprehensive project for the reception of pilgrims and tourists.


- The project of the exhibition "Science of Kazakhstan - from the past to the future", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of K.I. Satpayev, which was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris        .


- An exhibition of works by students of the department, organized by the Sports Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the exhibition of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.
- exhibition of student work dedicated to the victims of Karlag.


- "Saint-Etienne 2000" - Biennale of Design (France). 2 student works took part in the exhibition of design developments
- participation and victory in the competition of the Embassy of the Netherlands to create a symbol of the Small Grants Fund.
- Exhibition and performance, organized by teachers and students of the Almaty Kitsch department, Look Gallery.


- "Youth festival of disposable clothing", under the auspices of the Center for Contemporary Art of Soros-Almaty.
- Center for Contemporary Art of Soros-Almaty. Organization and holding of the international seminar "Felt in Central Asia" under the guidance of teachers from the National School of Industrial Design (Paris, France), students of 2-5 courses of the specialty "Design" and the final joint Franco-Kyrgyz-Kazakhstan exhibition of works in the Ular Gallery     

- Participation of the best diploma works at the exhibition "Advertising and Printing", 5 works were awarded "Participant Diplomas";
- Active participation and victory of students of the department in the competition organized by the European Union "European Film Week".
- Holding an international master class "Design of fixtures" under the guidance of a student of the French school of design, who had an internship at the "Design" department of the IOC.
- Over the past time, 3 French students from the National School of Industrial Design (Paris, France) trained at the department. One of these students is currently implementing a real project, "Festival of Traditional Kazakh Music", with the participation of students of the department "Design".



"DESIGN THINKING FEST 2019" and the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Development and Integration of Education, Science and Production in the Age of Globalization".

Special guests of the festival were representatives of the Italian company iDOGI, led by Sylvia Formentin and the Italian Ambassador to Kazakhstan.

Organization of an international student seminar between KazGASA and the Venetian company “IDOGI”

A unique four-module ceiling chandelier was brought and installed.

The Faculty of Design takes an active part in the organizations of the International festivals of architectural, construction and design schools of Eurasia. She also regularly wins prizes and receives diplomas at international competitions and exhibitions.