The origins of the faculty of education go back to the 50-ies, when on the basis of the Kazakh mining and metallurgical Institute and then of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute. Lenin trained professionals oldest and necessary for the country of profession – Builder. During the long years of its history, the faculty of construction made a great contribution to training of highly qualified civil engineers for Kazakhstan. Here are some of the stages of its formation and development:


 1957 - organized the first set on a specialty "Industrial and civil building" in Kazakh mining and metallurgical Institute.
 1959 - organized the first Department of "Construction" under the leadership of B. S. Zharmagambetov
 1961 -established civil engineering faculty, and in 1964 the faculty was opened correspondence Department.
• 1962  - the first graduation of civil engineers.
Diploma projects of A. T. Aubakirova and Y. I. Nemchinov was recognized as exemplary. These graduates later became scientists, doctors of technical Sciences. Diploma at the "excellent" defended 18 people, including prominent scientists, teachers and Industrialists – T. J. Akberdin, Sabalakov M. M., M. A. Alimbaev, A. A. Bespaev, S. A. Tatygulov, V. P. Korolkov, etc.
• 1963  - in the construction Department opened a specialty "heat and gas supply and ventilation".
At this time the faculty became one of the leading in KazPTI. In the first year of its existence, the faculty took the second place in the competition of Amateur performances "Spring at the Polytechnic". At this time, organized by the "Theatre of variety miniatures builders" (under the guidance of S. R. Bukeikhanov), which six months later became the basis of the Institute of Theatre of variety miniatures polytechnics. Many times the builders became Champions of the games in the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute.
• 1980 education of the Alma-ATA architecture and construction Institute
 1988 – 1990  opened two new specialties: "Economics and organization of construction", and "Lifting-transport, building road machines and equipment".
 1992 Almaty Architectural Construction Institute was transformed into KazGASA – Kazakh State Architectural Construction Academy.
• 1995 – 1997 ггopened a specialty "Urban construction and management", "Mechanization and automation of construction", "Protection in emergencies".
2001 when preserved the abbreviation of architecture and civil engineering, Academy of State becomes the Head and is called Kazakh leading Academy of architecture and Construction.
2011  KazGASA loses its legal independence in the form of Campus KazGASA is part of an International educational Corporation.
Today the faculty has 1163 students, including – 712– full-time and 451 part – time form of training.