The safety of human life and the environment protection

 Preparing Master’s Degree students majoring in 6M073100 "The safety of human life and the environment protection" in profile and scientific-pedagogical direction (hereinafter EMaEP) has been carried out in the Kazakh Academy of Architecture and Construction, head office since 2004.

MES of the RK annually allocates grants for this specialty.

Master’s Degree alumni majoring in 6M073100 - SHLaPI is awarded the academic degree: Master of Engineering and Technology ( core area ) and Master of Science (scientific and pedagogical direction) of Emergency management and environmental protection.

Master of Emergency Management and Environmental Protection is a general profile degree.

The objects of professional activity of the Master’s Degree alumni are:

at the profile preparation level

- Objects related to the profile preparation as well as project and research, scientific research institutes, offices, businesses, universities, etc., different forms of ownership;

at the scientific and pedagogical training level

- Companies and organizations from all sectors of the economy, regardless of the ownership, including the military-industrial complex, industry, agriculture and communal facilities, sphere of production and services, public authorities in the field of emergency management, occupational safety, emergency protection and environmental services.

Master’s Degree alumni majoring in 6M073100 - SHLaPI can work on both the leadership and engineering positions at enterprises of all economic sectors and can perform the following professional activities: development of methodology and normative documents, examination of the projects as well as the state of objects of Emergency management and environmental protection, the choice of life safety systems of environmental, fire, chemical and other production safety systems; development of specific sections of the projects (labor protection, protection of the environment, protection in emergencies); adaptation of modern versions of quality management systems for specific conditions based on international standards; expert and advisory activities, prevention of industrial injuries and occupational diseases.

The demand level for releasing safety professionals in many sectors of the economy, the quality of their work at the facilities and career growth reflect the results of joint activities KazLAAC and affiliates on education and training, professionalism, which will not only reduce the risk in the workplace, but will also direct the public consciousness at the rate of security and environmental friendliness.

In general, educational policy "SHLaPI" aims to prepare competent and qualified professionals, who have not only rich theoretical knowledge, but also extensive practical skills and habits.

Training is carried out by PPP, consisting from highly qualified teachers with advanced degrees. The academy has a powerful material and technical basis for theoretical training and scientific research work.