Production of building materials, components and structures

 A specialist training in a specialty of 5B073000 “Production of building materials, components and structures” (PBMCS) is carried out in Kazakh Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering from the day of the formation of Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute.

MES RK allocates for this specialty more than 240 grants annually.

An alumnus of this specialty is awarded with the academic degree of Bachelor of building materials, products and designs.

Bachelor in specialty of PBMCS is a specialist in the production of building materials, products and structures, development of new materials, design of enterprises, the implementation of the management of building production and marketing of the construction industry, the implementation of modern building materials, energy and resource saving technologies and technological lines for production of building materials, products and designs.

Bachelor of producing building materials, components and structures is a broad profile specialist. Alumni can work as an engineer at enterprises producing building materials, products and structures (plants producing binding materials, concrete and ferroconcrete products, ceramic building materials, roofing materials and products, etc.), at the project and scientific research institutes, in the construction of industrial and civil buildings and constructions, in organizations of the certification and quality control of materials and structures. They can also implement the projects of an enterprise for producing building materials and constructions, reconstruction and technical rearmament of the acting companies, perform experimental and theoretical scientific research to optimize technological parameters of production and increase the products’ quality in order to introduce new technologies and products.

An alumnus is allowed to work in the following positions:

- managerial employees - deputy director of production, director of production and production control laboratory, director of quality control, director of the technical department, director of the guild, guild foreman;

- specialists – engineer, design engineer, engineer laboratorian, quality engineer, process engineer, technician by category I, technician-designer by category I, laboratory technician by category I, technician by category I;

- technical workers - for the general research, constructional, technological, planning, survey organizations - technician, laboratory assistant.

The advantages of the specialization of construction materials are versatility and high demand. Without the building materials construction can not to be carried out, and therefore, the society cannot develop.

Active cooperation with Almaty city and region enterprises on the issue of employment of our graduates is conducted at Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Relationship with enterprises producing construction materials, such as: "RemStroyTehnika" JSC, "Temirbeton-1" LLP, "Almaty plant bridge structures" LLP, "Celso" LLP, «BASF» LLP,  «KNAUF» LLP, "CERT" JSC, "AlmatyGorStroi" MAK JSC, etc. is established and successfully supported. Some of them are branches of the specialty.

Specialists are prepared by teaching staff, consisting of 80% of teachers with academic degrees. The Academy has a powerful material and technical base for conduction of laboratorial classes and research work.