Economics and Management in the Construction

The construction is a branch of material production, in which a production and non-production field major funds are created: ready for exploitation of a building, construction, and their complexes.

Bachelors of the specialization of "Economics and Management in the Construction" gain skills and competence in the fields:

- to carry estimated accounting made using computer programs ABC 4RS , SANA;

- application of technical and economic evaluation and selection of optimal project solutions in the design and implementation of construction projects;

- establishing effective mechanisms for planning, budgeting, workflow, timely delivery of building materials, logistics, safety in the workplace;

- Analytical analysis of economic indicators of the construction, calculations of economic profitability of buildings and structure construction.

The most important in the Bachelor’s "EMC" work is to improve the project work and the application of technical and economic evaluation and selection of optimal design solutions.

At the faculty, in the "Construction" specialty stream in a specialization " EMC " to prepare students agreements are signed about passing all types of practices with 14 member organizations of the Association of Builders of Kazakhstan ( ASK ) and the Joint Stock Company " National Holding Company Almatykurylys ", which are our faculty branches as well.

The construction of ASA and SA NHC " Almatykurylys ", where students in the specialization of " EMC " practice working successfully in almost all regions of Kazakhstan , carrying out the orders of the Government of the Republic , as well as many kazakh local and foreign customers. They participated in the construction of facilities such as the Palace of Sports "Kazakhstan ", House of Official Receptions, Opera and Ballet Theatre named after K. Baiseitova, Kazakh Music and Drama Theatre named after Kuanyshbayev, Kazakh National Academy of Music, the Eurasian University named after N.Gumileva, Monument to Victims of Repression, Quay Ishim River, Rowing Canal, more than 120 thousand m2 of residency, built and rehabilitated more than 40 km roads.

Students of " EMC " specialization annually participate in various activities, contests, projects, seminars, conferences and interactive activities in Kazakhstan, Russia , Latvia, Lithuania , Estonia, Poland , Turkey, Hungary, USA, Cyprus , as well as in other countries .

For students and teachers additional training courses are offered in the Professional creative center at JSC " KazGASA " with a certificate for all civil engineering fields of study with a substantial discount in payment. Courses such as " Estimate work using the programs ABC 4RS , SANA», « Project Management program using Microsoft Project, Project Expert», « AUTO CAD», «3D Max», « Mathematical modeling in MATLAB», « 1C -Accounting "and others.

Bachelors in a specialization of " EMC " actively cooperates with the Entrepreneurship Development Fund " Damu " and is involved in various business seminars with a certificate , receiving a large amount of practical and theoretical knowledge, which gives an opportunity to be competitive and highly skilled.

At the faculty in the " EMC " specialization following people work: Doctors of Sciences, who have a degree in an International PhD degree, PhD , masters, who have Kazakhstan and International diplomas. To defend graduation projects to the State Attestation Commission the following people are invited: highly qualified professors and professionals from the production, who make assessment decisions about allocation of qualification and a bachelor's degree, provide recommendations for the continuation of master degree in the specialization of " EMC ".