Academic degree that alumni receive: Bachelor

Alumni Specialist with deep theoretical knowledge of the market economy, laws and trends of its development, knows modern methods of economic analysis, making business plans, making effective management decisions, manage projects of varying complexity, optimization and forecasting of economic processes. Possession of basic knowledge that is based on economical and mathematical background, fluency in the state, Russian and English languages​​, the ability to absorb new knowledge will enable professionals to quickly adapt to changing demands in the labor market, expanding the economic outlook will provide the possibility of rapid professional growth.

Problems, which can be solved by training the specialty: to provide knowledge of modern market economy, by understanding of the laws and tendencies of its development, the development of skills in the use of modern methods of economic analysis, to make business planning, to make effective management decisions and managing projects of varying complexity, optimization and forecasting of economic processes.

Practice activity spheres: economical, strategic, investment, consulting, scientific research structural, large companies and organizations, ministries and government regulation members. The specialty of 5B050600 - Economics enable to do financial affairs of companies and corporations, schedule resources, analyze and draw conclusions, to invest in projects, dealing with economic development of companies, keep records; build economic policies of companies, regions as well as the state as a whole; to participate in external economic activities of the company; make predictions on the a situation changes on the global and Kazakhstan market.

During the training, a student learns the following profile subjects : business , enterprise economy, business activity planning, data analysis and the economy forecast; international economy, etc.

In training specialists in the specialty "Economics" about 50 teachers took part, 35 of the teachers have scientific academic degree.

To consolidate the theoretical skills and to gain practical skills as well as to familiarize with the work of the procedure students have practical work practices on the bases of the practice already,   which are organized by the Faculty of branches in Almaty city.