Education is on speciality  5В042100 – Design


5В042101 – Architectural Design;

5В042102 – Graphic  Design;

5В042103 – Industrial Design;

5В042104 – Suit Design;

5В042105 – Television and stage design.

5В042101 – Architectural design: сity, village, park ensembles, small architectural forms, improvement elements and landscaping, visual communications, exposition space, equipment and furniture in urban environment , interior space of residence and social buildings, interior, equipment and furniture in interior, exhibition and sales expositions, elements of monumental and decorative art and decorative art items in exterior and interior, visual communication in an interior;

5В042102 – Graphic design: graphic symbols, trademarks,

Corporate styles, visual communication systems, illustrations, design of books, packaging, advertisement, social advertisement, advertisement for electronic and print media, outside advertising, transit advertising, illustrating;

5В042103 – Industrial design: items, products and its  sets oriented for mass production, small serial production, vehicles, equipment, furniture;

5В042104 – Suit design: clothes assortment for mass production, small series and single garment, suit ensemble designing, model collections, suit accessories;

5В042105 – Television and stage design: decoration of TV channel, stage  projects of TV programs, short advertising commercials, video art works, and stage projects of adventure cinema of different difficulty level. 

Graduates of specialty 5В042100 - Design can work in the following professional activity directions:

• architectural design (design of architectural environment, interior design, landscaping  design and monumental decorative art);

• graphic design (advertising design, polygraph design, graphic language and visual culture, decoration art and photographic);

• industrial design (furniture design, technical design and decorative art);

• suit design (designing and modeling of different kinds of model collections, casual, evening, exhibition or special clothes, fashion forecasting);

• Television  and stage design (TV channel design, stage  projects of TV programs, short advertising commercials, video art works, and stage projects of adventure cinema of different difficulty level.


Requirements on key competences of bachelor on specialty 5В042100-Design (profile):

• to have overview of role in society and borders of design activity which permanently changes as a result of implementing in production and social area of new computer technologies, technical achievements in telecommunication area, strengthening influence of mass media on individual nd mass consciousness;

• to know methods of collecting and designing of pre-project materials, fixing existing  conditions, consequence and character of actions in projecting process (search – analysis – solution); requirements on project material design;

• to have skills on working with enquiry literature,  make basic schemes, determine consequence of  projecting process, to perform draft materials, to implement ready project idea in demonstration materials, in accordance with requirements to design project material (including using modern software products) and professionally represent their work in presentation;

• to have skills of natural object research and analyzing situation, independent making tasks on projecting and work program, forming creative concept and its transformation in preliminary models; composition solution of general exposition of projects; color and graphic solution and production of models and prototypes;        

• to be competent in contemporary tendencies of architecture area, art and design, history of folk culture, their traditions and customs, to have orientation in constantly changing social needs.